Public health advocates vs. chemical industry reps: two starkly different views on TSCA reform

On the eve of Congressional action, and after years of insisting that the status quo was just fine, organizations like the American Chemistry Council are suddenly announcing their support for reforming our nation's toxic chemical policy. What changed? For starters, states are beginning to ban toxic chemicals like BPA. Even worse, consumers are snubbing products that contain toxic chemicals.

Understanding that they can't fight this trend, the chemical industry has launched a PR campaign trying to appear green and clean; luring in supporters with Web sites designed to look like ours. But if you look past the fluff, you will find that our coalition and chemical industry reps still have very different ideas about what real TSCA reform should look like.

TSCA at a Glance


On March 30th, our campaign rallied outside the chemical industry’s annual conference in Baltimore to let them know they can’t ‘duck’ real TSCA reform.

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