Report reveals hundreds of household products contain two toxic chemicals of concern.

Poison in Paint, Toxics in Toys

This report reveals that more than 650 brand name household products contain one of two toxic chemicals of high concern. Our Senators need to hear from us today.

Please join concerned parents, grandparents, and nurses from across the country and make the call. Click here to call and speak up for the Safe Chemicals Act

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Report Authors: Mike Belliveau and Steve Taylor, Environmental Health Strategy Center © Environmental Health Strategy Center. Other Report Partners: Safer States & HealthyStuff.org

Major Report Findings

  • NPEs are in more than 291 household paints.
  • BPA is in 280 plastic toys.
  • NPEs are also in at least 69 other products.
  • Companies are switching to safer substitutes.
  • Some companies may not be reporting.
  • For a searchable inventory of listed products visit www.HealthyStuff.org