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Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
Give toxics the boot, take action today! Chemicals in Commerce Act: Get the Facts FAQ: Elk River Chemical Spill

Walgreens customers raise concerns about toxic chemicals
April 17, 2014 Yesterday in partnership with our members, we had nearly 50 events in the US.

Health advocates descend on Walgreens stores
April 16, 2014 Parents visit nearly 50 stores, asking for their leadership.

30% increase in Autism rates brings greater urgency to toxic chemical reform
April 9, 2014 Will these new numbers speed reform?

What we want

We want common sense limits on toxic chemicals.

Who we are

Our coalition includes nurses, parents, cancer specialists, conservationists, and concerned citizens. Read more...

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Tell the nation's top ten retailers to get tough on toxic chemicals in consumer products!
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